SMSF Loans

What is the maximum loan amount for SMSF?

Lenders will lend a maximum of 80% for Residential properties and 70% for Commercial properties.

Allowable income sources used by lenders

The loan amount can be serviced by any combination of the following sources of income:

Rental income: 80% of the rental income received by the Superannunation fund from the property of the property

Superannuation Contributions: 80% of regular contributions (current or proposed) to the Superannuation Fund by the beneficiaries of that SMSF. Note that most lenders will not accept this if the member is less than 5 years away from the retirement age. If you can show that the loan is be repaid by the retirement age then the lender will accept this. 

Additional Super Contributions: 80% of the additional contributions will be used.  However, in preparation your application we will need to show the bank your full financial position. For obvious reasons, the bank will need to know that you can service your current loans if you were to make additional repayments to the SMSF.


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