SMSF Strategies

What is an Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?

An SMSF provides you with the ability to invest your existing and ongoing superannuation into Residential or Commercial property. It provides you with maximum control and flexibility to decide how your funds are invested and how the fund is to operate.

What are the benefits of SMSF?

Tax Concessions – Investing in an SMSF has tax advantages that make superannuation a powerful wealth creation strategy.

  • The concessional 15% tax rate applies to income of the fund, including contributions for which the tax payer has claimed a tax deduction
  • Realised capital gains on investments held for more than 12 months are taxed at an effective rate of 10%
  • Tax can be lowered through the use of franking credits and the offsetting of capital losses
  • Concessionally taxed end benefit, including pension benefits

What is the role of a Trustee?

When you set up an SMSF, you take on the role of either a Trustee or a Director of a Company that is a Trustree. 

A trustee is a person or company that holds and invests the fund’s assets for the benefi t of the members. As a trustee or director, you’ll be responsible for running the fund and making decisions that affect the retirement interests of each fund member, including yourself.

You must comply with the super and tax laws so your fund is entitled to tax concessions and members’ interests are protected.



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